Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ain't this cool...

Nanny riding with one of her youngest great grandchildren! Tessa

My Nanny had a wish that she wanted to ride a horse again...( dear we say it before she dies!) well today her dream came true and at 80 she hopped on Zoes pony Shiraz and had a lovely walk around the paddock in Le Bons Bay...she was chuffed ....and we have had to say to her that now she has done what she wanted to do it doesn't give her a reason to pop off!!!  and then there were a couple of others who wished to give it a go!!!

Christmas in the Bay

This year all ( well almost all) the Thelning family on Mums Side got together for family festivities and fun...heaps of love and laughter had by all that is for sure....late nights for many....too much to drink for some...but on the whole a fantastic time...not many families could have  both parents/ grandparents and great grandparents still being here to attend such a memorable occasion....We are a crazy complicated bunch ...but amazing that we can all be together and have so much fun