Thursday, April 26, 2012

Up dated puppy photos

we are all having so much fun with the puppies in the household. Mittens babies are getting more active by the day...look out look out it will only be a few days and they will be walking around quite well....they still spend alot of their day sleeping and our new sunny freshly painted verandah is where they spend most of their day catching the rays! what a life....Mittens Pups are called Miso, Sushi, Crunchie and Hershey...too cute
Sylvies babies are still pretty sleepy and the littlest one Petal is a bit needy and cries quite a bit she is very happy if you hold her...she has her eyes open and the other 2 don't yet...Sylvies pups are called Petal Peanut and Primrose(just came up with that name! kids hadn't decided) I may have to edit that name when they come home.

Pony Club Camp 2012

I took Zoe and Willow over to Pigeon Bay for the weekend and we all had heaps of fun. The weather was fantastic and the ponies well behaved. The kids did a big amazing race style treasure hunt on horse back and then a semi formal lesson in the afternoon, in the evening there was a quiz competition and Zoe and Willow ended up being on the winning team.Next day we went on an awesome walk 3/4 of the way out to the Pigeon bay heads across farm land....I walked leading Willow on Thomas...well walked is not really a good description of it...was pulled at a very fast walk by Thomas with Willow on board! He is a speedy boy. Zoe rode Shiraz beautifully...steady calmly and very happy together the 2 of them. Probably about 6 or 7 kms in total so as you can imagine I am a bit stiff in the body today...