Sunday, September 11, 2011

A few new treasures and what I have been making

new lamp from the eco shed

cool as little thing!!! not sure what you would call it but I like it

This little knitted family I rescued from savemart they look like brand new....thought I might put them on trademe and make a dollar or 2...but guess what the kids are quite enjoying them!! Hope the novelty wares off as I don't really need them in my house just too cute to leave behind

sweet little book about friendship

Finally a finished pukeko  have had the tiles and glass glued on for ages and I had enough grout left over from grouting the hearth so completed at for where to put it

I made this  Banner for Carmen for her birthday....Her pony stud is called Stoneleigh hence the name on there.

Spring has Sprung

Look at these little cuties.We went on a visit to Southbridge over the weekend and the Tuffnells have 5 pet lambs...the kids loved them and really want one or is that two!!! We shall see...need a bit more time to think about it....