Thursday, September 1, 2011

Time for an update

Whats been going on this week...well where do I start, we have finally had our new fire installed thanks to EQC but no thanks to the installer, we have had a supervisor over and he is appalled with the job and it sounds like the whole lot may have to come out!!! SOB SOB I think the nicest part of the whole job is the tiling on the hearth!!! Only because we did it ourselves and now by the sounds of it the whole lot has to get taken apart....there goes my nice tiles I found at paddys market for $2!!!! They look so good.I think we need stress compensation over this one!!! especially cause it has taken them a year to get this part of the job done!!!Really we can not believe it....nice one earthquake!! the stress goes on, we haven't even had the house inspected yet and god knows what they will find is wrong with the piles a year later,our floor shakes in areas when our dogs walk over it, and you know how small our dogs are!!!
Whats worse is that we had a big shake again last night that woke the whole house up!!! Just stop now PLEASE!!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zoe found the black and white setting on the camera.....

Little Tessie Bear had entertained us all so much that she tired herself out and had a snooze in the back pack

Miss photogenic

John and Jade on the motorbike...check it out they have the same grin

as for this grin hard to get a sensible photo

and the sepia setting....

I think our kids have it damn good!

Over the weekend  Carmen and the kids came over to stay at Allies, and as these photos show you the kids all had such a lovely time together. Mum was sent off to Nelson to Angela and Andrews for a pre birthday holiday,so we took Pa on an outing to one of his favorite places in Le Bons Bay with most but not all of his favourite grandies...We missed the Vakapunas over the weekend but I guess with a family this size we can't expect to all get together every time...sound like they had a good weekend too.