Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Roll on Summer evenings

didn't last long in the water! the tide was going out quite swiftly and they didn't like it!

Yum, lentil patties in pita bread, cooked on the little portable gas BBQ

Thank goodness for the back of the Ute, the only reason I can have tea at the beach is because having it on the back of the Ute  guarantees no sand in your food!

My getting bigger boy..

Best friends and coussies

Beautiful girl

Miss Mittens

Summer toes

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 One lonesome oyster catchers egg

We made a protective cage around it hope it hasn't scared them off...
Tonight we packed up an impromptu picnic and headed to the beach, it had been a beautiful day here all day and what better way to spend an evening.... Kids had fun, adults had fun, John went for a kayak out to the old wharf and the kids had fun digging in the sand, while I took photos and enjoyed the beginnings of a lovely summer...