Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nannys 80th Birthday


It was this lovely ladies 80th birthday last weekend
I think this is such a lovely photo of Nanny and Poppa
here is a few more shots taken over the weekend

What a lucky family we are to have such a special Mother, grandmother and great grandmother, and how lucky we are to be able to see her reach her 80th birthday. With a team effort 2 very memorable days were had ...some people were there others were not but were there in spirit.A very memorable occasion and one I am sure Nanny and Poppa will not forget....FAMILY =LOVE XXXXXX

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It is all go here right now!

Well what I thought was going to be a kind of bearable job has turned out to be biggie..... Re piling 5 rooms in the house! and also deciding to take a large wall out to open up the dining room into the lounge...try this up to 8 men in the house, 100 year old dirt, dust, and  borer,...equals me coughing! John coughing! every surface in the remaining part of the house that you can still see covered in dust and me wondering quite how we got into this? right before Xmas....Yes it is a fantastic job to get done and the builder has quoted that it was pretty poked under neath but man oh man this place is a mess...I guess we will get through it but there is a shit load of work to be done to get this lovely little house back to looking like a home!and as for my lovely garden you can only guess what that looks like!oops and the driveway!! photos to follow.....Not moaning really but jeez it is quite a job!