Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Meet little Wednesday

John rang last week to say he had a brand new lamb and was on his way home!!!  Joy Joy it is far to early to have a lamb and after having 2 last year thought we might give it a break this year..... Can't you try and leave it with it's mother I said!! But no she had run off with the other twin and left this one for dead...Luckily we managed to get colostrum powder off the Gardeners and some milk powder to get us started.....when he got home we  had to warm her up and dry her as she was literally brand new still all wet from the birth...She drank the first lot of milk no problem and really hasn't looked back....quite something keeping her going when she had had no colostrum from her mother...she slept inside for 3 nights with her little jacket on and became rather fond of lying in front of the fire...but out side little lambie as she was capable of making a rather large puddle very often!!!

Le Bons Bay WIld children

The Mid winter Dinner had a Wild theme...this is what the kids dressed as....A wild flower, wild west cowboy,a wild cat and another type of wild animal!

Another nice winters day spent at Birdlings Flat

More renovations

Our bedroom has had a paint job thanks to John and EQC, was also time for a bit of a makeover, wasn't convinced the colour was right at first but am now used to it and like it....the hall way is now under way, John has pulled all the old scrim off the walls and revealed the rimu matchstick lining which we have decided to leave as a feature...the arduous task of paint stripping the doors and door frames has started and the painting of the lower  panels in a deep red colour...we are dreaming  that one day all the jobs will be done around here!It seems never ending....

Zoe passed her 'd' pony club certificate

Zoe has reached a milestone...she has passed her D certificate  on Shiraz...it has taken a while to tick off all the requirements needed but she did it and was rather proud.

We have also made a big change and have changed ponies, we have bought Phoenix and added him to our horsey family, he is a lovely chestnut 14.1hh Bush pony. We hope he is going to look after Zoe as she progresses through her riding.

Zoe"s little published article

Zoe wrote and submitted a lovely little article about Monkey her foal she was given, and we found out it was published...she was stoked

A winter holiday in Hanmer Springs

We had a great little winter break..just took three kids as Hayley had other commitments so was nice to show the kids the hot pools which they loved!! I kind of loved...I hated getting out of the pools to follow them around in the dark to the next pool they wanted to go in!! It was soooo cold there was snow on the ground so I am sure you can imagine..but very nice in the pools...we went for a stroll around the village and a drive up to some awesome snow...we ended up buying a toboggan which proved very popular...the kids had a blast and we only left as they were so cold.But a spa bath at the motel soon warmed them up...A very relaxing weekend