Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the last week....or is that 2 weeks

hope this is the last of the winter bugs doing the rounds...we have all had a touch of something over the last fortnight...coughs,fevers,sore bones!!! Yuck be done with you evil bugs!

On a more positive note...If you read my post from a few weeks ago you will see the photos of the lambs...well guess what I caved in, we now have 2 new family pets, LAMINGTON and ECLAIR 2 cute little 3 week old girl lambs...but as I knew it is mainly me doing the work, and the worrying about when I hear them cry, somehow when we got them they were on 3 feeds a day and now they are on 4!!! Can't help it...seems such a long afternoon for them to wait and if the kids want to play with them after school and they are hungry they are not much fun as they are constantly looking for food and not playing...Frustrates the kids hence the small extra feed they get!