Monday, October 17, 2011

Say it with photos..........

Le Bons Bay School was lucky enough to have a french documentary maker to come to the school and we took her down to the beach to the penguin caves as she was doing her documentary on the white flippered penguin...Lucy for us and her we found a couple of penguins on there nests to show her. Zoe got to do an interview with her and the camera man, so will be cool to see how things end up when the filming is completed
Some of the penguin  followers, Miss Hately there in the shot

What a tight spot to nest in1

John Stuart doing his bit by explaining the trapping programme

Our lovely little Dog susu, who this week ran away and didn't come home for nearly three days...and when she did she had a massive cut on her little leg, that had to be stitched, it was rather nasty and got infected and needed another trip to the vet, but we would do anything for this little girl as we all missed her when she wasn't there

Pony Club 

Thats a bit of a sad face there Zoe or are you concentrating hard?




Miss Shiraz again

Mr Memphis

Johns horse

Razzie man

Stoneleigh Rose at Ellesmere Show

!st prize! went on to win champion

Korimako (Mickie)

Too cute

haven't had much time for blogging lately so will update with photos................