Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yes! we are just about back to normal here!

What a busy couple of weeks...when you look at our photos you will be amazed!!! What a massive job but such a big one to put behind us...We have saved this old girl of a house...and in effect guaranteed a sale if we ever choose to do so...this beautiful little house has a new roof(several years ago) and now new piles...we have a floor that no longer bounces when the dogs run by...and are not under threat of falling through any floor boards!!! what a great feeling...and in the process of putting all our furniture and belongings back in I have had the most massive clean up this side of the black stump! Every cupboard,every shelf, every box, under every bed has been sorted, cleaned ,dusted,put back or thrown out or put in a box for the salvation army...what a mission...I have way too much stuff and really I couldn't part with as much as I should have but I do admit I am a collector of all types of stuff and I also am telling myself that I need nothing else to clean and dust...so hopefully I will take this on and stop[ collecting clutter....But really for me its what makes my home my home!