Sunday, September 11, 2011

A few new treasures and what I have been making

new lamp from the eco shed

cool as little thing!!! not sure what you would call it but I like it

This little knitted family I rescued from savemart they look like brand new....thought I might put them on trademe and make a dollar or 2...but guess what the kids are quite enjoying them!! Hope the novelty wares off as I don't really need them in my house just too cute to leave behind

sweet little book about friendship

Finally a finished pukeko  have had the tiles and glass glued on for ages and I had enough grout left over from grouting the hearth so completed at for where to put it

I made this  Banner for Carmen for her birthday....Her pony stud is called Stoneleigh hence the name on there.


  1. Go you. That banner looks cool. Was the second thingy from the ecoshop too? Must go there actually better not, I'm trying to declutter!