Sunday, October 23, 2011

Season opening of the Le Bons Bay Library Shop

yummy dainty afternoon tea!

Jade and Willow serving a customer

Carol the hot drinks Lady (Thanks Carol for the fine job)

The men doing what men do best!

The extended family from the Hall

a sample of work by Fran and Allie

beautiful silk and merino felted scarves

still empty seats!

what a cute little building,how lucky we are to have the use of it


OMG a rare photo with me in it

Lemon syrup, lime syrup, mint sauce,dried herbs,walnuts free range eggs

Carols very cool sock man Raoul

Allies Bags. Brees bracelets 

a delightful shelf of handmade goodies

We were meant to do this last year when we first opened but didn't get around to thing and another I guess, but we said it was a must do this year so Mum and I have been busy the last few days getting the shop all set up and after a bit of a bad weather start to the day the clouds cleared and we had a great time. We served a posh afternoon tea to all those who came through the door,nice china cups and lovely sweeties inside. It was so well received and people seem to love what we were doing,lots of nice comments and quite a few purchases were made, in fact well worth it for a first day open...Roll on the summer hope we can keep the shop stocked up enough....check out the pictures I took today they show what a great time everyone was having...the kids were behind the counter most of the day and did a fab job...great job team!

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