Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Zoe's 11th birthday....slow down Zoe!

Well big week in this household...Zac and Zoe have started a new school, and for Zoe starting a new school and having a birthday on the same day was a bit stink especially when she has just had 7 weeks of holidays she thought she had the bad end of the stick having to start school on her birthday! anyway they both had a good first day  and I am majorly proud of them both at it has been a huge step for them both after being at Le Bons Bay School from the start  of their schooling where there has never been more than 10 students in the whole school! So to go to Akaroa (which is by no means a huge school!)but alot bigger than Le Bons so feels  huge for them...They have gone off happy on the bus this morning so it is all good...

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