Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bedroom 4 is nearly completed....

We have added another room to the house to future proof the bedroom arrangements as the kids grow older....what used to be one side of our verandah is now a cute little room...John has done all the work himself and just this week we have had the electrician come and finish off and Skippy has been to do the gib stopping...so not to far off now, this room was going to be for Hayley to sleep in and for me to have my sewing stuff,but Zac has decided he wants to move in, so all going to plan that is what is going to happen.Time will tell if he is really ready to move out of a bedroom with his sister or not...his sister is ready for him to move out...well secretly she probably isn't! They have lasted well Zoe is 11 and Zac is 8 and they have always shared a bedroom....I love listening to them chatting away to each other after lights out or first thing in the morning....so sweet

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  1. Looks very exciting I've just added this blog to my Chch bloggers list. Should be a live list in the next day or so :o)