Monday, March 26, 2012

we have a new addition to our animal Monkey

Zoe has been asking for a foal for along time and through the generosity of a very kind friend her dream has come true...Meet Monkey Bay and his Mum Enchantment...Monkey will stay with us and begin his future around us and other children. He will never be big enough for any of our kids to ride but will be broken in and hopefully harness trained so that we can use him to pull a cart in the future...we are going to have a lot of fun with him and I hope he will teach Zoe the patience she will need to become a great horsewoman over the next wee while...We adore him and I'm sure he is living with us to teach us all a lot of things we need to know...will update on his progress ...all going well so far, each day we bring him into the yard and put his halter on and handle him all over, he has had his front feet trimmed and a cover placed on his back not to mention a leading lesson each day as well

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