Monday, March 26, 2012

Zac and Leos catch of the day!

Funny....John and I had been having a bit of a giggle about how cute it was that the boys were trying to catch an they would go down the back to the creek every day after school with dog roll for bait(and the next day a fully feathered dead rooster!)they would come back up several times looking for different equipment like a fishing rod with a hook and sinker set up for fishing in the sea!  and to our absolute amazement they got one! you should have heard the noise...I think they couldn't believe they caught one either...Zac ran home for a plastic bag to put it in...I suggested a bucket was more appropriate.They were well chuffed! I had to explain that if they were to think of catching more they had to find someone who would eat it as eels take along time to grow and we don't want them all gone in the future....they now go and feed the eels and trap them but let them go just for fun.

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