Monday, August 13, 2012

I knew Winter wasn't over!

After a rough start to winter and a couple of big early snow falls we all thought that we were in for a long cold winter! We then experienced a month or so of very mild weather the grass continued to grow, bulbs popped up early and some of us had to mow our lawns in July! Thinking things were looking rosy was not to last for long....This Sunday in the early hours of the morning it started to rain...I am writing this on Monday evening and it is still raining!! The photos will show it all.
Me and John had to go up to the cows paddock and rescue them at 10pm last night, the paddock they were in had the river break and consume the whole thing ...with a bit of encouragement and a lot of yelling they decided to come out the gate and move up in the dark to the neighbours property on the hill...Thank goodness we moved them when we saw where the water level had peaked they would have been pretty frightened cows if they had stayed in that paddock...The horses were also very pleased when we moved them into the the pitch black.The river broke at the valley road bridge and the road turned into a river that flowed down the main road outside our house we had to move the horse float in case it came any higher and tried to take it away!

Well daylight revealed all...water  water hayshed has 4 inches of silt floating in it...can't stand the thought of pulling out all the sodden bails of hay in there..yuck messy!The horses spent all day in the shed peering out and as for the rest of us...the kids got a bonus day off school which they loved, the dogs have slept all day and all in all at least we have a lovely home to keep warm and dry in....

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