Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Zoe has a newly painted and madeover bedroom

We are flying through the renovations at the moment due to the terrible weather, means John has no outside work so inside painting at home is quite appealing....Zoe has a beautiful fresh new looking room that really doesn't feel anything like her old room...the separating of my 2 little lovelies has gone extremely well and I think the timing was perfect, Zac loves his new room and is so happy to go to bed,he sleeps like a dream...never hear a peep from him(never have!) and Zoe was so excited with her new room last night she found it hard to settle down and get to sleep(too cute)....she says each time she walks in she can't believe it is hers and that it all looks so beautiful....she has been so proud to show people and her and Willow just hung out all afternoon in there...what more could a girl want than a nice place to hang out....lucky kids...

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